Mamba Candy

I’ve seen Mamba candy¬†on the racks at Walgreen’s for ages and finally picked up a pack when they were on sale. They’re made by Storck, the same company that makes Werther’s Originals, Riesens, and Toffifee.

mambas - mamba candy

Mamba Candy Flavors:

They come in four flavors: orange, lemon, raspberry, and strawberry. For some kooky reason, Storck has decided to package their Mamba candy so that you get 3 six-packs per package. So instead of getting a few of all of the flavors, you get six each of three of the four flavors. Weird, right? Maybe it’s some manipulative ploy to get you to buy more Mambas in search of your missing fourth flavor or something. I just got annoyed.

mamba candy flavors - mambas

My package contained lemon, orange, and raspberry. I got lucky, as citrus flavors are my favorite.

Mambas are similar to Starbursts, only they’re smaller and have a slightly firmer chew. I’d place the give of a Mamba somewhere between a Starburst and a Now and Later.

mamba candy mambas flavors

The lemon was bright with a little bit of an effervescent citrus tang. There was no acidity to this lemon flavor, yet it managed to avoid the trap of tasting like lemon floor cleaner.

Orange tasted like an orange creamsicle, which was a bit more mellow than what I expected. I personally didn’t care for the raspberry, as it carried with it a weird, seedy flavor. I can see others enjoying it, but it’s not for me.

Mamba gets an OM from me. I finished the entire pack over the course of a few days – they’re rather addictive – but I don’t think I would by them again.

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  • Katie

    Mamba’s are my very favorite gas-station candy. I could only ever find them in gas stations outside of Chicago, and we road-tripped a lot in my family. So mamba’s are the very essence of car-trip summer sweets for me.

  • Biez The Mamba Lover

    Mamba mamba, mamba mamba, everyone do the Mamba!! GOD I LOVE THESE TASTY MORSELS OF FRUIT AND CHEW. I love to stuff a couple 13,14 in my mouth at once. The explosion of fruity flavor is almost too much for me to comprehend! My all-time record is 22!

  • Biez The Mamba Lover

    I’m going to the store to pick some up RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • Mamba Maniac

    I don’t know who this Biez character thinks he is but we all know who the main mamba man is, and that’s the Mamba Maniac! Your record of 22 is weak and pathetic. Go home you little girly man.

  • MambalitiousMiley

    OMG! Who doesnt love the. i disagree tho, i LOVE Rassberry!!!! Its my fav and also the harded to find!

  • Angelic

    i am eating one right now its so tasty i love them my favorite flavor is strawberry i will always buy mambas

  • dluxxx

    mambas are the greatest fruity chewy candy of all time….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • YummyGumDropCandyEater

    I been eating mambas ever since I was a child(21 now).And they are still one of my favorite candies.I’m so glad there sold at all the gas station in my area.Thanks mamba for making me Mamba Queen Of The Century go ahead and hate!!

  • PaulfrmAz

    Mambas taste greater then crack on a rock mmhmm I love it me and my brother randy eatin up like two redneck hunting for booty them germans know candy yes sir i go get me some now you want?


    i LuV tHiS cAnDy My AuNtIe NeNe BrOuGhT mE sOmE yEsTeRdAy AnD ThEy WaS oFf ThE cHaIn MeAt RaCk dAMn MaMbA i NeEd MoRe!

  • i was just at camp and we got to pick candy and i picked mambas to try them… they are my new fave. candy!!!!!!!!!! rasberry is my fave!!!!!!!!

  • madeline

    I used to get these as a kid, cuz my parents said you can only pick one thing out, and you get like 32 pieces…

  • Roni

    I have been eating these things for over 30 years now. I was always a big fan of Mamba’s until they did the packaging change. I feel like I am playing lotto or something hoping I’m lucky enough to get my favorite flavor; rasberry. Why can’t they go back to the way it was where you knew you were getting each flavor. It’s ridiculous. Out of the last three I have purchased; NONE of the packages had rasberry. I used to only eat the strawberry and rasberry but it’s not worth it anymore.

  • yolanda

    Hello, I rarely buy candy for my daughters but today I decided to spoil them for a day and bought the MAMBA fruit chews. They love strawberrys so I bought them a package each because I saw they had flavors of lemon rasberry orange and STRAWBERRY. Very dissapointed to find no STRAWBERRY in the packages so were they. There must of been something wrong in the assembly line, never the less I wont be buying this product ever again

  • CJ

    Love mambas. Does anybody else remember the old Pantene pro-v before they changed the scent? It smelled just like raspberry mambas