Kinder Duplo

I’ve still yet to meet a Ferrero product I didn’t like (though to be fair, I should note that I’ve never had a Rafaello, and coconut candies tend to be hit or miss with me), and the Ferrero Duplo was no exception. If you look closely at the wrapper, you can see that my Duplo is special – yes, that’s Hebrew on the wrapper. My friend Monica brought this back for me from Israel along with this thing and a Nestle Lion that I made her keep because she’d never tried one before. If she can be a great friend and bring me foreign candy, I can be a good friend and not deny her the deliciousness that is the Nestle Lion.

The Duplo is composed of two crisp, crunchy wafers: a flat one to serve as the base and one with three spherical humps to serve as the top. I’m going to guess that the wafers are the duo that the name insinuates. Each hump is filled with a smooth and creamy chocolate paste with a whole hazelnut inside. I found the whole hazelnut to be surprisingly bland, and the filling itself didn’t have much of a hazelnut flavor. Overall, the Duplo was super sweet, but the sweetness didn’t linger or burn the throat.

The Duplo is extremely similar to the Rocher, minus the chopped hazelnuts on the Rocher and with a less hazelnutty paste. The wafers, as far as I can tell without having a Rocher handy for comparative purposes, are the same in both. It also reminded me of the Kinder Bueno, but not as good, as the Bueno had a thicker paste and more hazelnuttiness.

Despite the fact that I wished for more hazelnut flavor, the Duplo was still a wonderful treat. OM for its indulgent, creamy richness.

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  1. Hello. I just found your website when I googled “duplo.” I was in Germany last month (Frankfurt) and bought a box of duplo bars that did not look like your photo here…. mine had wafers, cream and chocolate but resembled a flat, long Twix-like bar (only much better than Twix). Have you ever seen ones like I describe? My husband loved them, so I’m in search of a place where I can purchase them. Will keep looking at your site—it’s fun.
    p.s. I also love Ferraro candies, but I thought the Rafaello was terrible (and I love coconut)…. just fyi.

  2. to answer MR Meg Andronaco, the one you saw it’s the german version, the look like different and also taste different. If you happen to go to Italy try one of the Italian version (Duplo Nocciolato Leggero) and it looks exactly the same as the one shown above… I personally believe that both of them are amazing, and together with raffaello and ferrero rocher are the best products of ferrero.
    Just try them 😉

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