Liberty Orchards Aplets and Cotlets

These Liberty Orchards’ Aplets and Cotlets were given to me by my friend Rita, who is from Washington state. In Washington, these are a locally made confection that probably takes advantage of the fruit trees of the state. If I ever get to visit her at home, I’m making her take me on the Liberty Orchards’ factory tour.

The Aplets (apples + walnuts ) and Cotlets (apricots + walnuts) come in a pretty box split in half between the two types. I love the logo design, with a apple as the O. On sight, the aplets and cotlets seem identical, but Liberty Orchards was thoughtful enough to include a decorative piece of paper that explained which half of the tray was which. There were 16 total confectioneries in my box, so 8 of each.

The aplets and cotlets smell lightly fruity. They’re basically a wonderfully smooth fruit pate/jelly candy with walnuts mixed in, all covered in confectioner’s sugar. The aplets had a light and subtle apple taste that tasted like genuine, real fruit – because it was made from real fruit. The cotlet, which was billed as tangy, wasn’t. In fact, I found it to have an even lighter fruit flavor than the apple. The walnuts were crunchy and mild, as walnuts should be.

I give these an OM because I find them too delicate and dainty for my taste. They’re a great, light way to finish a meal, but for snacking purposes, I’d prefer something with a little more OMPH.

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  1. Just about everyone in our family LOVES Aplets & Cotlets … Travis, a fruit-flavor Philistine, prefers anything chocolate and tends to eschew A & C treats unless there is nothing else.

    You’re right that the best use of these little northwestern U.S. treats is as a little dessert snack after a meal. This even works for breakfast!

  2. My grandmother used to always have Aplets and Cotlets and I never knew growing up that they were just an American version of Turkish delight.

  3. Yes, Aplets & Cotlets are wonderful. One side of my family is Bulgarian and eats Greek, Lebanese, Armenian and Turksih food. These ARE a version or take-off of Turkish Delight, but having lived for 26 years in Fresno, CA, you just never mention the word “Turkish” to an Armenian. This company was started by Armenians.

  4. Please send me a catalog. I have moved and no longer have one and I love your Aplets and Cotlets.
    Lou Dowling
    4631 N. Shelburne Dr
    Bloomington, In 47404

    Thank you

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