Kit Kat – Hazelnut Cream

Here in the U.S., the Kit Kat is manufactured under Hershey’s. Elsewhere in the world, Kit Kat is made by Nestle. My Kit Kat Hazelnut Cream was given to me by my friend Katie, who bought it for me while in Egypt last Christmas, so it’s made by Nestle. And because it’s probably manufactured in the U.K., I’ve filed is as European rather than African.

The Hazelnut Cream is a Kit Kat of the Big Kat (in the U.S.) or Chunky (everywhere else) variety. That is, rather than being four small “fingers,” it’s one giant stick. The chocolate around the wafers is extremely thick. In fact, there’s about as much chocolate as there is wafer. I found the milk chocolate to be creamy and sweet without being cloying, unlike the Hershey’s Kit Kats you can buy here. For mass-produced candy bar chocolate, it was pretty nice.

Despite it’s name, there was little hazelnut or cream to this bar. It had a sweet nutty tinge that’s far from the in-your-face hazelnut approach taken by Ferrerro. The light nuttiness served the bar well, but there was still room for more hazelnut taste to come through.

I personally don’t like the Chunky/Big Kat bars because I think they’re too big and hard to chomp down on. This would be wonderful in the smaller, standard Kit Kat form, I think. The hazelnut flavor could stand up better with less chocolate to overshadow it. An OM from me.

  • Katie

    yum! it turns out that there is no such thing as egyptian candy, at least not that i could find going to places i felt safe in… but candy is basically the number two staple food in the country after tea, and it’s all imported from Europe. Though Egypt grows sugar, they don’t refine it much themselves, and they just import lots of finished goods. Hurray for the developing world.

  • Katie

    Oh, also, a lot of the Nestle stuff from Egypt was made in Australia.

  • After reading this post, I tried the Big Kat for the first time (it’s the standard here – I’m pretty sure the four-small-bars kind only recently appeared) and I think I’m in love. I don’t like regular Kit Kats, but the chocolate in the Big Kat is good (when you want milk chocolate) and the ratio of chocolate to wafer is just spot-on satisfying. I’ve had one like three times in the past week, which I realize is a little shameful. If they made a darker chocolate version, i’d be in big trouble.

    Newest limited edition/spinoff bar to hit Russian shelves: Coffee-Lemon Mars bar. I don’t like Mars bars that much, but I’m willing to check it out. 🙂

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