Cadbury Crunchie

I found the British Cadbury Crunchie (BUY!) at Coco Moka in Houston’s airport.

The wrapper promised “milk chocolate with a golden honeycomb centre,” so I expected that it would be something similar to the Violet Crumble, and I was right. However, I liked the Cadbury Crunchie more. The honeycomb center (or centre) of the Cadbury Crunchie was darker and had a more complex burnt sugar flavor. It was also less styrofoamy than the Violet Crumble, so it was less dry on the tongue.

Despite being better than the Violet Crumble, the Cadbury Crunchie still falls far short of the chocolate/honeycomb perfection attained by the Dark Sponge of Economy Candy because its honeycomb center is that fake foamy thing. My first two bites made me want to give it an OMG, but a third bite put me in sweetness overload, so I demoted its ranking to an OM. Perhaps if I’d tasted the treat sized version (BUY!), I would’ve let it keep that higher rating. Even the nice touch of the decorated bottom couldn’t change the fact that the sweet milk chocolate plus the dense and sweet honeycomb adds up to an overly cloying bar.

  • Hannah

    Ahh, I wonder if this will spark a debate similar to that which took place on Candy Blog? You see, I’m Australian, and I always thought Crunchies were Australian, and yet on candy review blogs people keep popping up with the British kind which all have this freakish and simply wrong discolouration down the middle. And then all the Brits pipe up to say this is normal… I don’t know whether this would affect the review (to be honest, I agree with you that a whole bar gets overwhelmingly sweet), but then again, as long as you also think that Crunchies far excel the Violet Crumble then I’m happy 🙂

  • Karsten

    Crunchie bars are delicious!!!! Definitely a ZOMGGGgGG!! in my book. I dream about these, the perfect airy, crispy crunchy honeycomb surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate, almost an afterthought, but perfectly proportioned.

    Thought I would share.

  • Jane

    that is not true, they are not British, they are ausie! i’ve been to the Cadbruy chocolate factory in Austrailia, and saw them making them, so watch your facts lady!

  • alan

    lol actually they are British, Crucnhies have been made in the UK for many many years, where they were created. No doubt they also make them in Oz but they do originate in the UK. The violet crumble is Oz and is slightly older than the Crunchie i believe.

  • u8mypinkcookies

    my FAVE!!!! 😀