Choxie Key Lime Pie Truffle Bar

Choxie is Target’s house brand of chocolate. While Target purports to sell stylish clothes for less, Choxie promises fancy chocolate for cheap. The back of the box sums up their philosophy nicely: “crafted with the finest and purest ingredients, it’s intended for the most sophisticated of chocolate palates. we suggest you keep it hidden from mere amateurs.” Sorry, Choxie, but you can’t fool me with your fake trendiness and refusal to use capital letters. But I do like the bright and vaguely retro packaging. Great color scheme!

Choxie Key Lime Truffle BarThe key lime pie truffle bar is “key lime-flavored white chocolate and graham biscotti bits enrobed in dark chocolate.” What I got was a way too sweet bar with a strong limey finish. I swear I tasted grains of sugar in the filling along with the scattered chunks of graham cracker.

The graham “biscotti” (I guess that’s fancier-sounding than graham cracker) bits were just crumbs. I think the bar could have benefited from slightly larger bits of the graham to make the texture more interesting and to balance out the sweet white chocolate.

How does Choxie rank against other non-Target chocolate brands then?

The filling was too sugary, and the dark chocolate enrobing was too bland or too weak to balance it out. My bar had bloomed, which was unfortunate, and it gave the chocolate a greasy feel and an unappetizing look (though bloomed chocolate is perfectly safe to eat). The dark chocolate didn’t have a great melt – it was nowhere near as smooth or as creamy as the Dagoba and Theo bars – and the snap was rather weak and brittle.

Choxie Key Lime Truffle Bar

Some of my friends liked the flavor combination (many of them thought it was lemon) but found fault with the texture. Others were not fans of the citrus addition and thought it was too weird. It did fairly well in the taste ratings: 9th place out of 13 with a score 3.17/5, placing it higher than many fancier, more expensive bars. From me, an O. I may have been too hard on Choxie because I was tasting it alongside other, nicer bars, so I haven’t completely written off the brand yet. I’d like to try some of their other truffle bars and see if they can redeem themselves.

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Choxie Key Lime Truffle Bar
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4 Replies to “Choxie Key Lime Pie Truffle Bar”

  1. I’ve tried a few different Choxie truffle bars since Christmas, and they’ve been hit or miss. Most have been quite too sweet. I have high tolerance for sweetness, so that’s saying something!

    Still, I like the packaging and the variety of flavors.

  2. I personally am a HUGE fan of their thins and their dark truffles…

    I have to ask if you have taken the time to have their peppermint thin or their espresso thin?

    They cost approximately $3 each (in my area) and I need a single bar to last me 3 months or longer when normally I can chomp my way mindlessly through BAGS of “average” candy…

    But when it comes to their thins… I take my time… I breathe in deeply and let the aroma fill me first… I then take a small piece and break it off and let it melt away in my mouth…

    Now this is a feat considering I am a Mom to 3 little boys… and most of my trips to target are around 9pm and my kids are tired, fussy and fighting…

    But as soon as I get to the car and get them strapped in those few moments are all I need to let all my stress melt away and I feel like a new woman no matter what is going on around me…

    but then again thats just me ;~)

  3. opps just noticed an error lol…

    I meant to say that I usually HAVE a single bar to last me 3 months or longer

    not need it to lol… it just does because it fills my cravings in a few moments…

    instead of a couple of bags of other brands in one sitting…

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