Nestle Coffee Crisp

I thought I’d stumbled across a great candy find when I found this among other international bars at Coco Moka in Houston’s airport. Then I started seeing it everywhere and realized that it wasn’t so special after all. Apparently there was a successful petition to bring them to the US, though I can’t imagine why. I know there are plenty of better tasting UK candy bars out there.

The wrapper describes the Coffee Crisp as “wafers with coffee creme center”. Upon unwrapping the bar, I was inundated by a strong smell of chocolate, bitter coffee, and wafer. The bar itself is humongous. It’s big, thick, and dense.

For all its strong coffee smell, I couldn’t taste any coffee. I pretty much tasted just wafers and poor quality chocolate. There was also a faint lingering bitterness that was very slight. If you’re going to call your bar a Coffee Crisp, shouldn’t it taste like coffee? Instead, this is pretty much all crisp, and greasy, yicky crisp at that. A .

Cybele and Sera basically agreed with me. I know they didn’t sign that petition.

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  1. I’ve never seen this bar in Russia (although we have tons of Nestlé), but I have my own bad experience with coffee-flavored Nestlé candy. There’s a bar called “Nuts” – if I remember correctly, it’s whole hazelnuts with Snickers-like nougat covered in milk chocolate – and they recently came out with a limited-edition “Coffee Boom!” flavor. I was excited because I really like coffee-flavored things, plus it was limited edition (yes, advertisors love people like me :), but it didn’t taste like coffee AT ALL. Seriously. I didn’t think to smell it, but it tasted *exactly* like a regular Nuts bar. Now I’m boycotting Nuts on principle.

  2. I agree with Blush,

    I love Coffee Crisp!

    It may not taste much like coffee at all, but it’s still somehow tasty to me. 🙂

  3. OMG!!!!!! I just could live off the SMELL of coffee crisp! It is the perfect balance of chocolate, wafers, and mocha cream. And not too sweet. It is simply the BEST chocolate bar out there!

  4. I am sorry but I completely DISAGREE with this review of Coffee Crisp. This chocolate is, indeed, Canadian and I wish they sold it in my country (the United Kingdom). My Canadian boyfriend had raved about this chocolate so much that I got some for us and was amazed as to how light and tasty it was…and yes, it does taste of coffee!

    Besides, I am yet to find an American chocolate that makes my mouth melt.

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