Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri (BUY!) chocolates, also by Ferrero (BUY!), are attractively packaged, so they look more expensive than they actually are. They also look like they’d taste better than they actually do. That isn’t to say that Mon Cheri chocolates are bad, exactly, they’re just not that great.

The individual chocolates are individually wrapped in shiny gold paper to look like tiny gifts. However, once unwrapped, you can see the inferiority of the chocolate. Mine had a little bloom on it, and it didn’t look that appetizing. I wanted something with a nice gloss and sheen to it. Instead, I got ashen chocolate. Boo!

The outer chocolate layer had an okay snap and an okay taste. The one I tasted had a whole hazelnut in the filling, plus several chopped up hazelnut bits. I didn’t like the texture of the filling. It was crumbly, while I would’ve preferred something smoother and creamier, like a hazelnut ganache. The taste was great – slightly chocolatey and super hazelnutty – but I couldn’t get over the mouthfeel issue.

I give these an O. I ate one in my package of four and was happy to give away the rest. They’re not bad, but they’re nothing special, and there are better chocolate/hazelnut candies out there.

  • Carsten Dreesbach

    Just wanted to let you know – you got the wrong kind of Mon Cheri! In Germany you can get the ones with the Piermont cherry in the middle, surrounded by cherry liqouer – absolutely delicious! And the chocolate shell is normally glossy and has a very nice sheen – the one you got was definitely bad. I think the filling in the hazelnut ones is usually also better, so maybe try another one sometime.

  • Lulu

    YOu got OLD and STALE mon cheris. The outside should not be ashy, it is smooth and shiny and the inside is soft and velvety not crumbly. So sorry to say that you got some old chocolate. That is obvious from seeing an ashy outside shell. Fresh Mon Cheri Hazelnut chocolates are absolutely delicious!