Chocolate party, that is. I’ve been stockpiling nice chocolate bars and haven’t gotten around to eating them yet. Now I have too much chocolate to possibly eat on my own (my life is so hard, I know), so I’m going to throw a chocolate tasting party. Yum!

The featured guests:

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  1. OK, this is what you get when Leslie provides a link on HER blog to YOUR blog : a comment from Leslie’s mom!

    At our house, we love all things “Kinder” … having experienced them (despite living in Ohio) through our German foreign exchange student who was here two years ago. Nope, we can’t buy the stuff here in the flatlands, but instead have to rely on visits from Vilma or her generosity in mailing some to us. Leslie’s younger brother, Travis, in particular, is a “Kinder” nut.

    Keep up the good work on reviewing candy and chocolate. I’ll try to check in from time to time, as I am quite a candy fan, myself!


    ~ Leslie’s Mom ~ :0)

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