My metabolism definitely says “chocolate lover”

A neat little piece on the science behind being a chocolate lover. Take it with a grain of salt, of course – I’ll start by pointing out that a sample size of 22 volunteers isn’t exactly scientifically rigorous – but also enjoy the quote that says, ” ‘Interestingly the chocolate preferring people had a better gut microbial metabolite profile than the people that don’t like chocs.’ ”

Also, really, there are people in the world who are “chocolate indifferent”?

By the way, do y’all like this new format, with MWF reviews and T/Th non-review candy updates/news items? Do the updates get in the way of the reviews?  Do you like having something new and candy-related to read about every day?

One Reply to “My metabolism definitely says “chocolate lover””

  1. To be honest, I don’t check your blog every day (it’s nothing personal – just that internet is expensive here), BUT I am checking in to say that I do like the non-review posts! And if I were online more often, I would also be in favor of having something candy-related to look forward to daily. There’s nothing I like better than a reliably-updated blog. …Except maybe candy. 🙂

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