Original Snaps – A snap decision with tragic consequences

food-blog-pictures-053.jpgI spotted this bag on a candy display in Michael’s. I’d never seen them before, so I thought Original Snaps (BUY) would be a great review candidate, even though I couldn’t tell exactly what they were. Since the store was closing and the cashiers were shutting down their stations, I was in a hurry to get out, and I didn’t look closely at the package. When I got to the car, I turned the bag over and saw this:


Nooooo! I know some people love licorice, but I find it nasty! I tried one and immediately spit it out the second I started tasting the licorice. The snap was pretty unenjoyable even before I hit the licorice. I’m sorry this review is not very good, but I think I’ve repressed the memory of this taste test, and I just can’t bring myself to eat another one. Sera at Candy Addict didn’t think much of them either, and she actually likes licorice!


The moral of the story is, if you’re going to make an impulsive purchase, at least know what you’re getting into. And candy makers should always put the description on the FRONT of the package.

5 Replies to “Original Snaps – A snap decision with tragic consequences”

  1. Aww, I like black licorice! Such a weird, unloved little flavor. Apparently Germanic peoples like it, too, because in Iceland they sell milk chocolate-coated black licorice candy bars (I don’t recommend them, though – chocolate and licorice really don’t go well together). And the one food my Dutch friend brought with her to Russia was black licorice chews. Apparently in the Netherlands they even have different strengths and varieties (smooth, sharp, etc.) of black licorice!

    One thing I don’t like, though, is the way black jelly beans turn your tongue purple.

  2. I LOVE licorice more than any other candy. Notice I did not say black licorice. There’s no need to distinguish between black or red because all licorice is black. That red stuff is artificial sugar and shouldn’t even be allowed to appear in the same sentence as the real thing. Intense, powerful, Australian licorice is superior to any others I’ve tried. But if you don’t like licorice, forget it–you will hate it beyond words. Oh, and if you have high blood pressure, best to stay away–licorice is high in sodium!

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