10 Reasons Why Cat

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Cat

Getting yourself a pet is a serious life decision. A pet will be your full-time responsibility for very many years. However, the other issue here is to choose what pet you want. It is the eternal debate of dogs vs. cats. In this article, we will stand on the side of the cats. Hence, here are ten great reasons why you definitely should get yourself a cat.?

  • Cats are easy

Let?s point out the obvious benefit of having a cat. They are very low-maintenance. For example, if you have a dog, you need to put up with a lot of chores. You have to walk them at least twice a day, train them, pay them a lot of attention, and so on. You will never have such problems with a cat. You can buy them a climber to exercise, check unbiased cat product reviews once in a while, and get them a litter box. That’s it! It is a perfect pet for busy people.?

  • Cats reduce anxiety

Cats are well-known for their calming effect on people. But there is more. It is scientifically proven that cats can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress levels. Indeed, their peaceful nature works wonders for our nervous system. For example, their purring can actually positively affect your blood pressure and reduce risks of heart diseases. Needless to say, how all of us need good stress relief at times like this.?

  • Cats are a lot of fun

You can have so much fun with a cat in the house! Of course, they are the most playful when they are rather young, up to two years of their lives. However, many cats don?t grow much at heart, just like people. So you can come up with endless games you can play with them. They can bring joy and laughter into your life.?

  • Cats live long

Many people don?t want to have a pet for fear of losing them eventually. However, the lifespan of a cat is quite long, sometimes even exceptionally old. You can get a cat for your little kid, and it will not only witness their college graduation but can stay long enough to see your kid?s children as well.?

  • Cats reduce allergies

Not many people know that cats can actually be a very good thing for your children?s allergy protection. Whenever kids are exposed to cat fur at an early age, they develop a strong immune system to most allergens. Hence, if you are afraid to get a cat for your kid because of the allergy threat, you shouldn?t. Having a kitten at home can make your kid stronger and healthier in the future. Not to mention, it will surely make your child much happier.?

  • Cats are born hunters

Now, if you live in the country, chances are you experience some sort of rodent problems once in a while. Well, a cat at home can free you from such worries. Cats are born to be great hunters. It is in their blood. Of course, you have to be ready when they can bring you whatever they catch just to show off. Even if your cat is too lazy to hunt, its presence alone is reliable protection from any rodents.?

  • Cats are very clean

The issue of cleanliness can be a big one for far too many. However, you should not worry about it when you have a cat. Cats are very clean creatures. It?s not just that they bath themselves (which is very convenient), but they all also tend to ignore any mess. A cat can leave a house on a very muddy day and return completely clean. How they do it? We don?t exactly know, but we sure appreciate it. Though, you need to be ready for some shedding situations once in a while.?

  • You will never be lonely

Let?s finish with all the lies about cat disloyalty and stuff. They don?t deserve such a reputation. In fact, cats can be incredibly loyal to you. They want to spend time with you. They sleep next to you on the pillow. They will meet you when you return from work. You will always feel their presence in your life, and just that can already reduce any feeling of loneliness that you may experience.?

  • Cats are charged with personality?

Any proud cat owner knows that each cat is extremely different. What works for one cat may not work for another. However, it also means that you get to know your new pet. It is a fun and interesting process of adjusting to a new living being in your life. That is why cats make great family members. With such rich personalities as they have, cats often remind us of people more than of pets.?

  • They are balls of love

Whether your cat is a quiet loner or an affectionate little thing, it doesn?t matter much, does it? You still love them, and that?s what matters the most. Cats can be your endless source of love. What other reason do you need for having one??