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Leonides Les Truffes

June 1st, 2011 by Rosa

Today I’m reviewing more European treats that were gifts from my friend Neil, this 9-piece box of Leonides Les Truffes. There were 6 kinds of truffle in the box: Classique, Noire, Cafe-Caramel, Champagne, Noisette Croquante, and Speculoos.

They got a little smooshed in transit, so a few had cracked shells, but they all tasted fine! All of the truffles were shaped like giant Hershey Kisses and had chocolate shells with soft, creamy ganache centers.

Classique was pretty plain – cocoa dusted milk chocolate around milk chocolate. It had a light sweetness and a mild cocoa flavor.

Noire was just a darker version of the Classique, this time dark chocolate around dark chocolate. It lacked complexity and had just a deep cocoa flavor with minimal sweetness.

Cafe-Caramel was where things got really interesting. This had a pale, light brown ganache center.

I’m not exactly sure what the outer powder on this was, but it was extremely bitter and almost medicinal in taste. That coating overwhelmed any nice caramel or coffee flavors of the center and made the truffle rather unpleasant.

Champagne was more palatable. It, too, had a pale center that was nearly cream colored, and it was covered in fine granulated sugar.

It tasted extremely sweet with a light boozy undertone. I found it too sweet for my taste.

Noisette Croquante’s chocolate shell was studded with bits of candied hazelnuts. Those nuts were great! They tasted sweet and crunchy.

While the dominant flavor of this truffle was that of toffee from the candied nuts, there was a light nuttiness that came through as well.

And finally, the Speculoos. I love Speculoos cookies, which are really tasty crisp cinnamon cookies. If you’ve ever been on a Delta flight, Biscoff cookies are the same.

The Speculoos truffle was covered in fine cookie crumbs. Those crumbs added a great crunch and toasty complexity to the truffle’s light chocolate and cinnamon flavor. It was my favorite of the lot.

The Speculoos and the Noisette Croquante are the only ones that I would seek out to eat again. The Cafe-Caramel was too bitter for me to ever want to eat again, and the rest were fine but unremarkable. Thus the whole lot gets an O.

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Milka Nussini Hasselnuss

May 13th, 2011 by Rosa

This Milka Nussini Hasselnuss bar was a gift from my friend Neil, of Dutch ex-pat fame. I don’t know what Nussini means, but I’m taking an educated guess that Hasselnuss means hazelnut.

The Nussini bars were wafer sandwiches topped with hazelnut bits and covered in chocolate. The wafers were quite light and airy, an absolute delight to crunch through.

The hazelnuts added a great roasted nuttiness through the bits of actual nut, and I think they may have been hidden in the cream in the wafer sandwich cookie as well.

Finally, the chocolate was unobtrusively mild and nicely tied the hazelnut and wafer cookie together. This was a light and wonderfully well-balanced bar that was a pleasure to crunch through. An OM.

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Perles au Miel (Honey Beads)

May 6th, 2011 by Rosa

These Perles au Miel, loosely translated as honey beads, were a gift from my friend Neil, who’s currently living and working in the Netherlands. The wrapper says that they’re “fourrees miel”, which means filled with honey.

They were extremely hard-shelled little balls with a prickly granulated sugar shell. The flavor was spot-on with the amber complexity of genuine honey – just a skotch darker than clover honey.

Once the sugar sand dissolved, the resulting candy was literally a thin shell of its former self. The shell was thin enough that just a hint of pressure was enough to crack it, revealing the sticky, thick, honey ooze within.

The ooze was quite viscous and held its shape like a gooey caramel. It was quite capable of working its way into the nooks and crannies of my teeth.

The shell became chewy when combined with the oozy center. Overall the candy was sweet without being cloying. If you love honey sticks, as I do, you’d love these. An OM.

I wasn’t able to find an exact match for these online, but I found similar products called “boules de miel“, or balls of honey. They seem like a very European thing.

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Cadbury Curly Wurly

April 11th, 2011 by Rosa

This Cadbury Curly Wurly came to me via my friend Neil, who’s currently living and working in the Netherlands. I’d had one before during my summer in England, but it somehow never made it onto the blog.

I do believe that the Curly Wurly is named after its crazy loopy shape. It’s comprised of strands of intertwining caramel all covered in milk chocolate.

Alas, mine was a bit broken by the time it made it to me, but that didn’t affect the taste at all – just the Curly Wurly-ness.

The caramel was quite chewy and sticky – as I chomped through the bar, it managed to wind its way into all the nooks and crannies of my teeth. It tasted sweet and butterscotchy.

The chocolate layer was quite thin. It tasted sweet and slightly sour with a light malt flavor and a mild cocoa-ness.

Despite the extra-stickiness of the caramel, I enjoyed the pure caramel + chocolate combination. For a mass produced, check-out aisle-type bar, it was quite good! Taking price point into account, I’d say this deserves an OM.

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Deemah Juicy

March 16th, 2011 by Rosa

Here’s a second Egyptian candy courtesy of my friend Katie. The wrapper labeled them as, “filled hard candy with cherry juice.”

The candies were lozenge-shaped: smooth, glossy, oval spheres. Though the wrapper depicted them as oozing a liquid goop, the centers of mine were goo-less.

Instead, they were soft and chewy. Perhaps the goo got absorbed into the hard candy?

The candies had a smooth, round melt. They tasted of a deeply artificial red candy with a medicinal tinge and the edge of a near menthol bite.

They are serviceable, but unexciting, making them a classic O.

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Tofita from Egypt

March 14th, 2011 by Rosa

This pack of Tofita came to me all the way from Egypt, via my friend Katie. She was in the country for archeological work and managed to get out right before the unrest really erupted. Today’s candy is tinged with revolution!

Tiny English print on the side called it, “Chewy Candy with Fruit Juice – Blackberry Flavor.” The square candies were individually wrapped in delightfully retro-looking paper.

Their chew was soft and not sticky. Their texture was that of a non-sticky Starburst.

The flavor was sweet with a light seedy bite that conjured up the essence of blackberries and blackcurrants. I loved the complexity of this treat and wish it was a flavor that was used more in the U.S. candy market. An OM.

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Nestle Galak Pop Ri

March 11th, 2011 by Rosa

I thought it would be nice to close off nearly two weeks’ worth of Neil’s guest reviews with a review of some Dutch candy that he gave me. Presenting Nestle’s Galak Pop Ri.

As best as I can tell, Nestle Galak is the white chocolate umbrella brand, while Pop Ri indicates the presence of puffed rice bits. Galak comes in other forms, including a delectable sounding Speculoos.

The bar came segmented, with a little Nestle logo imprinted on each. When I snapped off a chunk, the break was dry.

The white chocolate lacked creaminess. It tasted sweet and fruity and was surprisingly bright for white chocolate. Unlike other white chocolates, this lacked any vanilla flavor.

The puffed rice bits were great: crunchy and crisp. It was basically like a Nestle Crunch White but with a much higher chocolate to crisp ratio.

As you can see in the above photo, there was a pretty hefty layer of chocolate floating above a single layer of rice crisps. If I remember correctly, the American Crunch White features rice crisps evenly distributed throughout the entirety of a thin bar.

I enjoyed the bar, but I’m not a big white chocolate person. When I do eat it, I prefer it to be creamy, which this lacked. An O.

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Japanese Kit Kat – Wasabi

February 4th, 2011 by Rosa

As promised, here’s my review of the Wasabi flavored Japanese Kit Kat from my globetrotting friends Nana and Justin. My review of the Sweet Potato version that they also sent along posted on Wednesday.

These also came individually wrapped, two to a package, and were a pale green. The famous Kit Kat wafers were dry and crispy and covered in wasabi tinted white chocolate. They smelled neutrally sweet.

The chocolate tasted first of sweet, milky cream. Then a light horseradish kick came through. All of that kick was totally through the olfactory system – when I pinched my nose, it wasn’t noticeable.

There wasn’t any noticeable chocolate flavor, just creaminess with a slight spiciness. It had just the right amount of kick to make it weirdly addictive and intriguing. Any more would have been overwhelming, while any less couldn’t have been noticed.

I give this an OM. It earned the extra M through sheer novelty, but I truly enjoyed the confection. Nana was less of a fan.

I have about a half dozen of each weird flavor to give away. My way of passing on Nana and Justin’s generosity! For a chance to win some Wasabi and Sweet Potato Kit Kats of your own, leave a comment on the ZOMG, Candy!’s Facebook discussion page for a chance to win at least one of each. I’ll randomly select three winners on February 11th, midnight EST, so get your comments in before then!

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Japanese Kit Kat – Sweet Potato

February 2nd, 2011 by Rosa

My friends Nana and Justin have been living and blogging abroad for the last few years. They’ve been a generous source of awesome foreign candy.

Their latest gift was several Japanese Kit Kats in Wasabi and Sweet Potato flavor. I’ll cover Sweet Potato today; Wasabi will be reviewed on Friday. And stay tuned for giveaway news, as Nana and Justin sent me more than I could ever eat!

I love how the tear-away notch on the right of the wrapper is mirrored by an extra triangle on the left. Each individually wrapped package had two prettily pale yellow fingers that had to be characteristically snapped apart.

I was both excited and nervous about trying these. Excited because I love sweet potatoes in just about any form (steamed, roasted, french fried, etc). Nervous because the sweet potato and sesame version that I tried a couple of years ago wasn’t great, though that also didn’t taste much like sweet potato.

Lack of sweet potato flavor was definitely not an issue with this Kit Kat. The flavor was totally spot on – starchy and sweet, with some root vegetable earthiness. It tasted just like a real sweet potato.

Unfortunately, though the flavor was exact, it was really off-putting when combined with the dairy, buttery creaminess of the Kit Kat chocolate. I got totally weirded out and couldn’t handle it. A .

Come back Friday for the wasabi-flavored Kit Kat review and details on how you can try to win some Japanese Kit Kats for yourself! And you can find Nana and Justin’s take on their website.

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Jamin Truffles from the Netherlands

January 31st, 2011 by Rosa

These Jamin truffles were a gift from my friend Neil, who’s currently living and working in the Netherlands. He was thoughtful enough to bring back lots of Dutch treats while he was back in the States for the winter holidays.

I think these truffles are billed as Belgian (I don’t speak Dutch, but Belgische is close enough for me to venture forth with that guess). They were log shaped, which does lend some unfortunate visual connotations. I believe they were meant to emulate their fungi namesake.

The outer layer was comprised of milk chocolate flakes, while inside was a paler milk chocolate ganache. The ganache was dry and first crumbled, then melted thinly and fattily.

It was quite sweet, with a chocolate flavor that tended toward the powdered cocoa end of the spectrum. There was a hint of duskiness to it, with a strong sweetness and a hint of fruitiness.

Between the fatty melt and the sweetness, they felt almost overwhelmingly indulgent. They were good upon first bite or two but became cloying after that. An O.

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