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August 19th, 2014 by Rosa

While I was in Switzerland, I was jealous to see that Kinder Eggs were for sale there. They are illegal in the U.S. and Germany because they mix toys with chocolate, which I think is silly because the toys are safely encased in a plastic shell and thus separated from the chocolate.

I found this hilarious blog about Kinder Egg toys while trying to Google information about the toys that weren’t in the eggs I didn’t bring back from my Swiss vacation. It makes me wish we could buy the Eggs here, but then I guess they wouldn’t be special anymore.

Edited 8/19, 9:30AM EST: Thanks to commenter Rick Swartz for letting me know that Kinder Eggs were quickly unbanned in Germany due to public outrage. Wish we could get them unbanned in the U.S. I think that would take some lobbying pressure from Kinder/Ferrero.

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  1. Rick Swartz said:

    Although a few German politicians tried to get Kinder eggs taken off the market in 2008,the outrage was so bad that they changed their mind just a few days later. Thankfully, Surprise Eggs can still be found here in Germany with the exception of the summer months where they’re substituted with Kinder Joy.

  2. Rosa said:

    Oh thanks for letting me know! I just saw the news about it getting banned; I didn’t see that they had gotten unbanned.