Marzipan art in Berlin

July 16th, 2013 by Rosa

Here’s a cute little slideshow from Serious Eats showing how marzipan is shaped by hand in a little shop in Berlin. From the headline, I was expecting marzipan fruits (I remember being a kid and watching this Martha Stewart segment on marzipan fruit in absolute awe), but the little curlicues were pretty too.

I took this above photo of marzipan bananas in a French confection shop. Between the slideshow and Martha and looking at old marzipan photos in my flickr, I now have some serious marzipan cravings.

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1 response about “Marzipan art in Berlin”

  1. Stephanie Stuart said:

    These are so cute and wow they look so real and delicious! It’s amazing how artistic marzipan artists can be with their creations!