Russell Stover Iddy Biddy Bunnies

March 13th, 2013 by Rosa

These Iddy Biddy Bunnies were a seasonal Easter treat from Russell Stover. My 1.7 oz bag advertised 60 pieces and noted that the bunnies on the wrapper were “Actual Size!”

The bag of chocolate smelled sweetly chocolatey, like Hershey’s chocolate syrup. The molded bunnies were, as promised, Iddy Biddy indeed – just under an inch from ear tip to bunny bottom.

Each bunny was solid milk chocolate with a thick, tongue-coating melt that felt creamy and rich. It tasted sweet with notes of dusky caramel and vanilla with a bright finish.

These were a tad sweeter than I usually like my milk chocolate, but I was willing to overlook that because their great texture made up for that. 60 pieces per bag felt like a lot, making these great for snacking. A little lasts for a long time!

These were a fun and tasty Easter treat. You could probably get the same snacking idea with chocolate chips, but something about the little bunny shapes kept me from popping more than one at a time, which is not generally how I snack on chocolate chips. An OM.

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2 responses about “Russell Stover Iddy Biddy Bunnies”

  1. Sara Miles said:

    The bunnies were so cute and detailed for such a small bite. I covered my Easter cake with them, some flat on top and some standing up. The company went gaga over them! I had bought a package for each guest to take home. A BIG HIT!!!

    Looking forward to next Easter and what I can do with them.

  2. Valorie said:

    I give one bunny to my granddaughter every time she goes potty by herself. So far it’s working.