Lotte Sasha Chocolate – Matcha

February 1st, 2013 by Rosa

This box of Lotte Sasha Chocolate is the last of my Asian goodies from Emma and Jason. No worries if you want to read more Asian candy reviews here – I’ve still got a few more Japanese treats from Nana and Justin to write up.

A quick googling shows that Sasha Chocolate refers to the unique and pretty way Lotte’s chosen to package this chocolate. My box had 16 individually wrapped rectangles made of wavy chocolate stripes of green, brown, and white.

I’m only guessing that these are matcha flavored. I recognized the character for tea on the box, and they’ve got that distinctive pea green color of matcha. Plus they’re from Japan, so matcha seems like a good educated guess.

I could feel the individual threads of chocolate break when I bit into the chocolate, though the rectangle broke as a whole with a sharp solid snap. It had a smooth and creamy melt. The texture was somewhat thick, but it didn’t linger and coat my tongue like some extra thick milk chocolates do.

The chocolate flavor was quite pleasant – lightly sweet with fruity overtones that hit high notes against the milk chocolate undertones. The finish had a hint of lightly bitter herbal grassiness, which was the only clue that it was tea flavored chocolate.

I liked these more than I thought I would. I haven’t liked matcha-flavored chocolates in the past, but these won me over because they went easy on the matcha and were easy on the eyes. An OM.

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5 responses about “Lotte Sasha Chocolate – Matcha”

  1. Nana said:

    The green circle on the left is the flavor: ?????or “matcha latte.” So you’re right about the matcha flavor, and this also explains what the white is supposed to be – swirls of milk, as shown in the picture on the front. Good deductions, Sherlock!

  2. Nana said:

    Grr, the post ate my Japanese characters. Rest assured it was the same as the green circle with gold letters.

  3. Barbara said:

    Would love to try this!

  4. Rosa said:

    Thanks for the translation, Nana, even if WordPress couldn’t handle it!

  5. Carolyn said:

    Ooh, that looks really interesting! Never seen chocolate in that criss cross stripey pattern before! (I also don’t care much for matcha flavored things, or green tea flavored things – Earl Grey, though, is good in candy and ice cream!)