Mint Chip Malted Milk Balls from Sugarfina

October 10th, 2012 by Rosa

These Mint Chip Malted Milk Balls came from my free sample of Sugarfina‘s Malt Shoppe tasting flight. The flight’s “menu” described these as “refreshing malt balls… coated in dark chocolate, then rolled in mint cookie crumbles.”

The Mint Chip balls were quite visually appealing, a sea-foamy green flecked with dark cookie bits. Mine were certainly fresh, as their malted centers gave a great solid crunch when bitten into.

That malted center had strong, toasty malt flavors. I love real malt, and these malt balls really delivered.

The outer mint layer was creamy with light peppermint flavors, while a thin chocolate layer could be found between the mint and the malt. The flavor balance was great, with the toasty malt center playing counter to the pepperminty coating.

The whole thing tasted like an awesome mint chocolate chip malted milkshake. I loved them. An OMG.


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1 response about “Mint Chip Malted Milk Balls from Sugarfina”

  1. Christie Cooper said:

    OMG we tried these recently too. They are AMAZING! My husband and I ordered a stack of great candy from Sugarfina recently. We were proud to be their first Australian order. I’m quite sure these guys are going to take off, quality all the way!