April 11th, 2012 by Rosa

Huevitos was another Ricolino’s candy that I picked up at a local Hispanic grocery. They were touted as new, though Cybele said she had them last year.

The packaged¬†described them as “candy coated chocolate flavor eggs.”¬†“Chocolate flavor” is a marketing/packaging red flag. It means that there’s no actual cocoa butter inside.

These looked nice, like prettily speckled eggs. But ooh they smelled gnarly, like anise (I’m an avid licorice detester).

The candies had brown spotted sugar shells that I could easily smoosh between my fingers. The “chocolate flavor” centers were soft, grainy, and chewy.

Those centers tasted worse than they smelled – it was both sour and sweet with chemical flavors and an anise edge. I couldn’t even finish one.

It’s a shame that they were so pretty to behold, yet so gross to eat. Run away! A .

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3 responses about “Huevitos”

  1. cybele said:

    As a licorice lover, I did also catch the anise flavors, but that wasn’t a turn off. The center was musty tasting, too sweet, crumbly but not creamy. Bleh.

    The variety I tried was from La Corona, though that doesn’t mean that they weren’t made by the same factory …

  2. Judith (Mostly About Chocolate Blog) said:

    I don’t understand – is there a market for something vaguely like chocolate and licorice muched together (without any actual chocolate being involved) and coated in candy? I mean… is there a big market for that flavour?

    Maybe they were meant to appeal to the locorice lovers…?

    Regardless… ewwww…

  3. quill said:

    cocoa is the 4th ingredient down, and that special flavor is a combination of sodium bicarbonate and talc. an acquired taste, but i think they’re awesome, and i definitely taste the cocoa.