Kasugai Mangosteen Gummy Candy

March 2nd, 2012 by Rosa

Kasugai is probably the best known and most widely available brand of Asian gummy available in the U.S. As I noted before, I’m long overdue for a review. Fortunately, I recently saw and just had to buy this bag of their mangosteen gummis.

Mangosteen is not a fruit flavor widely seen in candy – or a fruit widely seen in the U.S. I’ve had them fresh once in Canada and loved them. They’re like lychees on deliciousness enhancing drugs.

Canned mangosteens, however, ain’t worth it. All the fresh fleshy sweetness is lost, and they get generic tasting.

The bag describes mangosteens as “the perfect balance of sweet and sour taste, known as the ‘Queen of Fruit’.” The 4oz bag was full of individually wrapped heart shaped gummis.

The gummis were a lovely translucent golden wheat-yellow. The outer surface was matte, while the gummi inside was smooth.

They were bouncier than I remember Kasugai gummis to be. The chew was super sproingy with a lot of tension.

I also remember other Kasugai gummis as being more flavorful; this was pretty mild. ItsĀ flavor was lightly sweet, a mix of mild, white peaches and white grapes with a lychee finish.

I thought this was too timid in its flavor. It was pleasant enough, but I wanted more intensity!

It was the same issue I have with canned mangosteens – the subtle uniqueness of that special fruit is lost. An O.


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2 responses about “Kasugai Mangosteen Gummy Candy”

  1. Barbara said:

    LOL at “They’re like lychees on deliciousness enchancing drugs”.
    Never had mangosteen or lychee except in candy or drinks, but your review makes me want to try the real thing.

  2. Jessica said:

    I’m sad to hear their texture and flavour profile has changed. They were my absolute favourite gummy. The muscat grape one changed my life (and probably, at least a little, my waistline,) for a period of time!