Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry

January 27th, 2012 by Rosa

I bought this bag of Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry at a Bed Bath & Beyond because I needed a few more dollars to use my coupon. It turned out to be a great unplanned addition to my shopping list.

The bag described them as “smooth dark chocolate surrounding a sweetened real fruit juice piece, made from a blend of goji berry juice, raspberry juice and other select fruit juices.” They were shiny chocolate balls with these little flat jelly candy centers.

The jelly centers were comprised of two little discs. The discs were pressed flat side to flat side, then surrounded by chocolate.

The discs had a slight graininess to them. Some of them yielded instantly when bitten, while others were a little chewier. They were like a cross between a gummi worm and a fruit gem.

The fruity flavor of the discs was quite bright and intense. I’d place it as a mix of strawberry jam and cranberry juice. The flavor intensified as the chew went on.

The chocolate coating was nice but nothing to write home amount. It was slightly grainy with deep cocoa flavors. The melt could have been smoother, but it was an otherwise fine foil for the fruity centers.

These were winners solely based on the intense and tasty fruity flavor of the centers. I’d really like to try more of their line. An OM.

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4 responses about “Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry”

  1. Barbara said:

    My husband bought the Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate at Sam’s Club for my mother as a Christmas stocking stuffer and they were pretty tasty! Now of course that the holidays are done they don’t have them.

  2. Rodzilla said:

    Great pictures, how did you get the fruit centers so clean? Did you just peel the chocolate away?

  3. Joanne said:

    These look and sound a lot like the Trader Joe’s Powerberries. Have you by any chance compared the two?

  4. Rosa said:

    @Barbara – oh man! A Sam’s Club sized bag of these would be a bad temptation.

    @Rodzilla – I just picked a piece where the chocolate crumbled away fairly easily and then let the rest melt.

    @Joanne – I’ve never heard of those. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for them next time I make I TJ’s pilgrimage.