Learn to count with candy

September 22nd, 2011 by Rosa

When I was a kid, my mother used to quiz me with math problems that I had to answer out loud (she was a Tiger Mother before the phenomenon existed). I earned an M&M for every one that I got right.

Now there’s a new board book out that’s got another way to teach kids math: Candy 1-20. I received a free copy from the publisher to peek through.

The book is charming in its simplicity. It depicts the numbers 1 through 20, created with a variety of candy treats, from M&Ms to gummi bears.

It’s a cute learning tool for any budding candy lover. And who knows – maybe you could trick your kids into thinking candy is for learning numbers, not getting sugar high!

Note: above photos courtesy of Chronicle Books.

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1 response about “Learn to count with candy”

  1. Barbara said:

    My son used to love a book called Reese’s Pieces Count by Fives. He would bring it home from his school library every week and I got so sick of it!!