A Frightening Amount of Licorice

August 30th, 2011 by Rosa

Blogging can be a dangerous hobby! Via my friend Neil, a poor blogger named Alex made fun of Finland and their salmiakki, a salty licorice treat. Some prank-happy Finns decided to assemble all the salmiakki that they could find and mailed it all to Alex for his perusal.

Alex has been making (salty) lemonade out of lemons. He’s recording his salmiakki tasting adventures.

I would now like to state that I think Germans are silly because they make Haribo, which are ridiculous sweet treats. I hope no one mails me all the Haribo that they can find in Germany…

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1 response about “A Frightening Amount of Licorice”

  1. Forgetful Chocolate said:

    Neil has a hilarious blog. I’m going to send it around to a few people.

    Nice to see you are back at candy blogging.