Easing my way back and homemade Butterfingers

August 15th, 2011 by Rosa

Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement on my last post! I’m getting settled in to my new place in Durham, North Carolina. My apartment is still a half-unpacked disaster, but at least I now have furniture and, more importantly, internet access.

The latter means that I’m able to get back into candy blogging. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to unpack my photography set-up, so I’m not quite ready for reviews just yet. We’ll start with candy news posts for now, beginning with this recipe from Not Without Salt for homemade Butterfingers (via The Kitchn).

Their’s looks even more delectable than the original!

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1 response about “Easing my way back and homemade Butterfingers”

  1. Rodzilla said:

    Great to have you posting again! I feared you meant a hiatus for the duration of the program.