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Blogging Hiatus

July 16th, 2011 by Rosa

Dear Readers,

My life has gotten rather hectic lately. I just packed up my life in Rochester and quit my job (on good terms!) in my beloved lab at the University of Rochester. Over the next week or so, I will be moving to Durham, North Carolina. Then I’m going home to Texas for a couple of weeks, and then back to Durham in mid-August to start a PhD program at Duke.

In the midst of all this moving craziness, I need a little break from blogging. I gave away most of my candy stash (20 pounds of chocolate would not have traveled well), and with all the traveling, I just don’t have the time or means to write about candy right now.

So I’m taking a little break. I’m going on hiatus for a few weeks. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back, but it will be before the end of the summer. In the meantime, feel free to check out the links in my sidebar to get your candy fix, and subscribe to my RSS feed or blog emails to make sure you don’t miss me when I get back.

Have a great summer!


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Chocolove Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate

July 15th, 2011 by Rosa

I recently attended the wedding of my boyfriend’s cousin. The wedding was held in Colorado, and the bride and groom chose to give their guests gift baskets with locally made treats and favors, including bars of Chocolove chocolate. That’s my kind of wedding!

The back of the Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate bar described its contents as “Chunks of almond toffee in smooth milk chocolate. Creamy milk chocolate releases chunks of buttery sweet toffee and dry roasted almonds.”

Thanks to summer in my non-air conditioned house, the 33% milk chocolate that was the base of this bar was very soft, almost like putty. It melted in my fingers.

The melt of the chocolate was lovely – thick and tongue-coatingly luxurious. It tasted of caramel and sugar.

The tiny bits of toffee distributed throughout the bar were the best part. They were dry and crunchy with a great scorchiness. The almond bits were visually indistinguishable from the toffee, but I was able to detect the light nutty flavor that they added.

My only complaint about this bar was that it was too sweet in the finish, with a cloy that burned the throat. Otherwise, I loved the mix of crunchy and thick, sweet and burnt and nutty. An OM.

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A website made of chocolate (sort of)

July 14th, 2011 by Rosa

Via AdFreak, check out this Portuguese website where everything – background, buttons, words, etc. – is made of chocolate. It’s not even for a chocolate company; it’s to promote a new chocolate stout. In fact, as far as I can tell, the only thing that’s not chocolate is a bottle of the stout that’s being promoted.

The making of video is pretty cool too.

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Crystal Light Sugar Free Chewy Candy – an attempted review

July 13th, 2011 by Rosa

I received this bag of Crystal Light Sugar Free Chewy Candy as a free sample from the National Confectioners Association.

I’m not one who would buy sugar free candy for myself, but I was happy to give them a try. I’d had Crystal Light’s Sugar Free hard candies before, which I had found quite nice.

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First world problems

July 12th, 2011 by Rosa

Do you sometimes have just too many chocolate truffles to eat? Too many admirers leaving you so many boxes of chocolates that your jaw is just too sore to chew any more?

Well despair no more! David Lebovitz has posted a recipe for an iced chocolate drink, inspired by the one served at Serendipity in NYC,  that uses dipped chocolates. It sounds nice but wasteful of chocolatiers’ hard work making those chocolates in the first place (though David’s note that the recipe may have originally started as a way to use up the mismade ones makes sense)!

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Red Band Rang!

July 11th, 2011 by Rosa

This roll of Red Band Rang! Mixed Fruit hard candies were a gift from my friend Neil, who’s been living the expat life in the Netherlands.

It looks like they’re a Dutch-made treat. The cheerful exclamation mark in the title makes me wonder what the word Rang! means in English.

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Hi-Chew Mango (Review)

July 8th, 2011 by Rosa

I received this pack of Hi-Chew Mango as a free sample from Morinaga USA, along with my packs of Hi-Chew Peach and Banana. I thought I’d already reviewed them, but it turns out I had just written a news post about them.

The Hi-Chews had an orange-yellow center surrounded by an off-white shell that didn’t photograph well. Just imagine this, but slightly more orangey. The flavor, however, was flawless!

It tasted just like a fresh, juicy, perfectly ripe mango. I have no words to describe it other than as a perfect distillation of real mango into a candy chew.

As the sticky chewiness developed, the unique mango seediness became stronger and lingered a bit in the finish. I found it intoxicatingly delightful and almost better than the real thing. An OMG.

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Candy Porn Photos from David Lebovitz

July 7th, 2011 by Rosa

I’ve sung David Lebovitz’s praises many times on this blog. His candy photos literally set my mouth to watering. Check out his posts and photos about Recchiuti Asphalt Jungle Mix (looks like the best bridge mix ever!) and Fouquet’s Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows.

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Torku Bitter Cikolata

July 6th, 2011 by Rosa

I’m not 100% sure how I came across this Torku Bitter Cikolata bar. A little Googling reveals that Torku is a Turkish company with its own Twitter feed.

The dark chocolate bar came in 6 segments, each with a raised wedge with the Torku logo on it. The bar had an extremely sharp snap, an indication of its high cacao content, while the bar’s smooth melt showed off its nice tempering.

The chocolate started off dry and dusky before mellowing out to a mild sweetness with cocoa undertones. Its finish was a tad sweeter than I expected – more semisweet than bitter.

It was a nice, if not especially remarkable, chocolate for snacking, and I bet it would go great in chocolate chip cookies. An OM.

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Chocolate-Covered Bacon Turtles

July 5th, 2011 by Rosa

Are you sick of chocolate and bacon combinations? I hope not, as this recipe for chocolate-covered bacon turtles, which brings together chocolate, caramel, pecans, and bacon, sounds tempting!

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