Burger-Shaped Gummies

June 28th, 2011 by Rosa

The folks at Serious Eats never fail to impress. They managed to round up an astounding 14 examples of burger-shaped gummi candies!

I’ve tried gummi burgers exactly once because they had a too-stiff chew and a too-plasticky taste, but maybe one of those fourteen will be palatable?

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1 response about “Burger-Shaped Gummies”

  1. Forgetful Chocolate said:

    Looks like the last two slides are repeated. So, they were padding it out to 14 but only have 12. They all pretty much look the same – rather gimmicky. Supposedly gummies from Germany are “the best” from what I’ve heard but the source of that tidbit of information isn’t exactly reliable. Most gummies and sweets here are made with HFCS. HFCS is a rather “blah” flavor and I’ve been getting stomachaches from it in recent years.