Beacon Hill Chocolates – Part II

June 10th, 2011 by Rosa

On Wednesday, I reviewed 2 of the 5 chocolates that my boyfriend bought me from Beacon Hill Chocolates (BHC). Today, I’ll review the other 3. I’ve saved the best for last!

I’ll start with the prettily swirled gold dome. I couldn’t find this one on their website, so no fancy description. It has cacao nibs and honey, hence the beehive-like look with a cute little bumblebee painted on it.

The chocolate shell was thin with a dark, slightly fruity flavor. It was filled with a thin filling that was quite goopy. It was smooth and flowy, a limpid pool of milky deliciousness, and tasted of lightly amber honey sweetness.

The brown bits that you can see in the liquid center were cacao nibs that added a slight astringency along with a dry, chocolate flavor. This was a beautiful and uniquely delicious treat. A ZOMG!

Heart Passion Fruit was described on the BHC website as, “Exotic passion fruit center coated in a layer of dark chocolate.” I’ll admit that it looked rather tacky with its silly pink leopard print, but its taste was astonishing.

The center ganache was a surprising shade of off-white. The chocolate shell was extremely thin with a solid cocoa flavor.

The ganache was thin and smooth and melted cooly on the tongue. Its flavor was a bold delight – it was extremely bright and fruity, with a citrusy sweet passion fruit flavor that was deliciously and refreshingly exotic. Another ZOMG!

Finally, a Zinfandel-Balsamic truffle that was cutely molded into the shape of a little fish. I love the little stripes of milk chocolate lightness that stand out against the dark chocolate bulk of the body.

Its center ganache was thin and smooth with an earthy flavor of genuine cocoa duskiness. I didn’t notice any specific balsamic notes, but the Zinfandel made itself known through the addition of notes of deep red wine booziness.

I loved this ganache for its depth of flavor, but the best part was the finish. The chocolates earthiness lingered extensively on the tongue and was an absolute delight. Another ZOMG!

Beacon Hill Chocolates has curated a fine collection of fine chocolates. All of mine were winners – even my least favorite of the bunch was good! Kudos to BHC, and to the mystery chocolatiers that made these truffles.

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4 responses about “Beacon Hill Chocolates – Part II”

  1. Victoria (District Chocoholic) said:

    Wow. That is rare to find so many amazing chocolates in one small box. They did a great job with flavor selection – honey and passionfruit are great compliments to chocolate.

    I know where I’m going during my August trip to Boston.

  2. Ana said:

    Another wow! Beautiful chocolates that also taste great. The pictures and the descriptions got me drooling.

  3. Andrew H said:

    I often walk by here on my way home from work, so I’ll have to stop in sometime soon and try these.

  4. Lot-O-Choc said:

    Oh wow these all look absoultey amazing,chocolates that look and taste good too!