Tic Tacs and Canadian Giveaway

May 9th, 2011 by Rosa

Tic Tac Canada sent me a bunch of Tic Tacs to help promote their Fun Fresh Talent Search, a contest that asks Canadians to upload videos of themselves showing off their talents for a chance to star in a Tic Tac commercial and win $5k.

I used to love Tic Tacs when I was a kid. They were marketed as mints, so they made me feel grown-up, but they tasted like candy, so they pleased my kiddie palate. When I hit middle school, Altoids were the “in” mint, and I left Tic Tacs behind… until now!

Orange Tic Tacs were my favorite when I was a kid. Either they’ve changed since then, or Orange Tic Tacs are different in Canada – they were white, not orange! But they did taste like I remembered.

All of the Tic Tacs that I received were shaped like tiny pellets. The orange ones had a smooth, glossy shell that tasted mildly sweet.

Once the shell was gone, the Tic Tac took on a more granular texture, and the orange flavor came through – sweet with a slightly sour tinge and a round, mellow orange ctirus flavor. While the shell was hard, the center was slightly softer and chewable.

Green Apple was a fruity flavor that didn’t exist when I was a kid. The shell of these had a bit of candied green apple flavor, which I enjoyed, but the flavor of the center was way over the top – sweet and sour but with way too much artificial sweetener aftertaste.

The Tic Tacs were as I remembered – fun little pellets that are really more candy than mint (neither of these fruity flavors made much lasting impact on my breath). I preferred the orange to the green apple, but I’ll give both O‘s because they’re both pretty innocuous.

If you’d like a chance to try an assortment of Tic Tacs for yourself, and you live in Canada, you’re in luck! Thanks to Tic Tac Canada’s PR people, I get to give away one set of Tic Tac swag to a randomly selected commenter. To enter, leave a comment about what your talent is by 11:59 PM, EST on Friday, May 13th. Be sure to leave a valid email address in the email field. Canadian readers only. Good luck!

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25 responses about “Tic Tacs and Canadian Giveaway”

  1. Ashley said:

    My talent? I can read books super fast, and remember just about everything in them!

  2. Tara C said:

    how fun, I love tic tacs
    hmmmm…my talent…I’m a wonderful cook and can make all sorts of yummy dishes w/o a recipe.

  3. edmontonjb said:

    My biggest talent is procrastination! If only it was a marketable talent. Hmm…I guess I should start video taping myself procrastinating so I can enter for the $5000. I’ll do it a little later.

  4. Melissa said:

    Mmm orange tic tacs.
    My talent is definitely math. Last year you could easily catch me doing calculus and vector works… for fun.

  5. Amy M said:

    A talent of mine is that I can sew. I recently made a handbag without any pattern and it turned out well if I say so myself.

  6. Mariana M said:

    Has anyone tasted tic tac cherry passion?? I live in Puerto Rico. They are very tasty!!!!

  7. Dawn Walsh said:

    I have no talent at all

  8. Annette P said:

    My special talent is doing mosaics. I love creating pictures from objects!!!

  9. Katrina Mcdonagh said:

    My talent is helping people save time, space, waste, money… with Tupperware!!!

  10. stacey dempsey said:


  11. christina said:

    my talent is organizing and according to my kids I make the “goodest” mac & cheese!

  12. melissa b said:

    my talent i can walk and eat tic tacs at the same time :p

  13. lorri teece said:

    My talent is cooking amazing dishes, making men fall in love w me lol, I can tap dance and do ballet!

  14. Matthew LeDrew said:

    My talents are cooking, photography and entering contests.

  15. Cheri Gallant said:

    My talent is cross stitching, I have won awards for them, while I am stitching I suck on Tic Tacs, yummy orange!

  16. michelle knockwood said:

    Is having kids a talent? I’ve been saying for awhile now that I can pop those things out like tic tacs. Lol

  17. pat george said:

    my talent, ? I survived a 18 year bad marriage,,,but have a tic tac and all the bed memories fade away..that a magic show at its best!!!

  18. Elizabeth Belliveau said:

    I can wiggle my ears 🙂

  19. Lisa D'Ugo said:

    My talent is that I can do 3 back flips in under 5 seconds! 🙂

  20. Marta said:

    My talent is baking!

  21. Melinda said:

    My talent is multitasking! I’m able to do many things at once without being distracted.

  22. Anne-Marie Tvete said:

    My talent is gardening.

  23. Ryan Valiquette said:

    My Talent I can make up Poems,Quotes,And Lyrics. Just like that.

  24. Alice Hart said:

    My talent is surviving braces!

  25. Henry Korhonen said:

    My talent is making a funny popping sound by inserting my pinky finger into my right ear (I am practicing with my left ear) and taking it our quickly … the popping sound is loud and funny … a truly azazing talent. Where can I send my video to…