How Dark is Too Dark?

January 6th, 2011 by Rosa

Via the Kitchn, here’s a Wall Street Journal piece that wonders if cacao percentages have gotten too high to be tolerable.

I’ve tried a few 100% cacao bars and generally find them inedible. In fact, I like to finish my chocolate tastings on a 100% bar, just to underscore that higher doesn’t necessarily mean tastier.

On the other hand, Michel Cluizel’s Cacaoforte truffle, made from his 99% cacao, is one of my favorites. I’m sure the addition of cream helps.

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1 response about “How Dark is Too Dark?”

  1. Ana said:

    I personally prefer mild dark chocolate or milk chocolate with high cocoa content. Of course it depends on the manufacturer, but usually 85% is too dark for me.