Ritter Sport Ciocco-Duo

September 1st, 2010 by Rosa

Here’s another Ritter Sport bar that I picked up in Europe: the Ciocco-Duo. Aka chocolate duo (my personal guessed-at translation, thank you very much).

The wrapper also claims, “delizioso cioccolato al latte extra e squisito cioccolato bianco.”

My guess at that translation? Delicious extra milk chocolate and exquisite white chocolate. But that’s just a guess. Probably close enough?

The bar was beautiful – 16 two-toned squares of a logo-stamped white chocolate top on a milk chocolate base. When I first opened it, the chocolate had an okay snap. Then a heat wave hit, and it softened some but managed to retain its shape.

The white chocolate portion had a creamy, thick melt. It tasted lightly floral with strong vanilla flavors. It was a tasty white chocolate, reminiscent of a nice vanilla frosting.

The milk chocolate base had a similarly thick and creamy melt. It tasted of caramel and cocoa with a light sweetness and some coffee notes to the finish.

I found this bar to be a well-made, tasty, and attractive addition to the Ritter Sport line-up. There’s nothing exotic about it, but it’s well-made and well-flavored. An OM.

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2 responses about “Ritter Sport Ciocco-Duo”

  1. Jordan Gray said:

    I imagine this is what the Wonka Chocolate Waterfall Bar would taste like if it was made well. That stuff puts the chalk in chalkolate. Or maybe mine was stale…

    In any case, where’s my Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Mint Marzipan Bar? I’ve been suggesting that one for years. Well, months. Minutes.
    I’ve never contacted them.

  2. Ana said:

    I actually think this is one of the best Ritter bars I’ve tried lately.