Week o’ News and Serious Eats Does PB and Chocolate

August 16th, 2010 by Rosa

Today marks the start of my second week out of town for an fMRI training course. I wrote the first week’s (aka last week’s) reviews before I left, thinking that I’d write this week’s posts from Michigan. Turns out that 4+ hours of lecture and ~4 hours of MATLAB programming per day is mentally draining.

So I’m taking the week off of writing reviews. Y’all will get a full week of news posts instead, starting with today!

Serious Eats recently published two peanut butter and chocolate-themed posts. The first is a taste test of how well various Chocolove chocolate bars paired with peanut butter. The second is a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups with a secret ingredient – ground up graham cracker crumbs.

Anyone else craving a Reese’s right now?

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