Wonka Whipped Wingers Gummies

May 24th, 2010 by Rosa

Nestle’s been doing a great job of breathing new life into their Wonka lineup. While I haven’t loved everything that they’ve rolled out, I do love the creativity and imagination that’s gone into their new products.

I’m devoting this week’s reviews to the bunch of new Wonka products that I got in my NCA goody bag (sadly, I’m not heading to the Sweets and Snacks Expo [formally the All Candy Expo] tomorrow. Because I’m in Italy for a cognitive science conference. I know; my life is so hard).

These Whipped Wingers Gummies are “from Wonka’s Edible Garden,” which is a cute thematic (and psychedelic) tie-in for their new gummies. They come in four shapes – wasp, butterfly, dragonfly, and ladybug – and four flavors – pineapple, orange, watermelon, and tropical punch.

The shapes and flavors are not linked. That is, all shapes come in all flavors, and vice-versa. The gummy shapes were well-defined, with sharp etchings.

All of these gummies had a soft, creamy texture, which I take to be the whipped component. Unlike most other gummies, they were totally opaque.

Pineapple was yellow, mellow, and sweet. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was pineapple flavored, as it was rather generically sweet and fruity.

Orange was orange and had muted citrus notes. Watermelon tasted round and floral with a solid artificial watermelon candy flavor and a seedy, fruity finish.

Tropical punch doesn’t taste very punchy to me. Instead, I get the red fruitiness of strawberry, with maybe a little grape in there.

The Whipped Wingers were too lightly flavored for me. While I appreciated the idea and effort, I found them to be rather meh flavorwise because that added creaminess so diluted the fruitiness. An O.

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  1. Candy Professor said:

    Oh, I’m missing S&S too! But I don’t have as good an excuse… As for these “whipped gummies,” I agree, they are pretty. But also, I think they are just a little yukky tasting. Even my candy-lovin kid was pretty luke warm after a bite or two. There was something too weird about the texture, I just couldn’t get past it. I think it’s good to try new things. But then,sometimes they just don’t work out.