Chocolate iPhone Cover Giveaway

May 4th, 2010 by Rosa

The folks at Mobile Fun sell a neat array of iPhone covers, including the below cover that looks like a bar of chocolate.

They’ve generous offered to give one away to a ZOMG, Candy! reader. To enter the chocolate iPhone cover giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to cover in chocolate (keep it PG please!) by midnight EST on Friday, May 7th. I’ll randomly select a commenter to receive the free iPhone cover.

Good luck!

Edit: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Annalene, the randomly selected winner, who loves chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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14 responses about “Chocolate iPhone Cover Giveaway”

  1. Lauren @ Eater not a runner said:

    I’ll say frozen bananas…yum!

  2. Zoey said:

    The inside of my mouth.. yum! ;P

  3. Tina Roggenkamp said:

    I’m with Zoey!

    Seriously, I love melting chocolate and dipping pretzels in it. nom nom nom!

    I tried trader joe’s popped potato chips and they were quite tasty as well, but didn’t hold up for long. They got soggy :(

  4. Adriana said:

    How cute! mmmmmmmmm just about anything is good dipped in chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies covered in chocolate is on my mind right now :)

  5. Tracy said:

    Anything really but my most favorite is…. BACON AND STEAK!!

    You wouldn’t think it would taste good but it is so delicious. I savor those moments.

  6. Aimee said:

    Strawberries or raspberries! I just love pretty much any fruit dipped in chocolate.

  7. amy said:

    ummmm. anything dipped in chocolate is delicious. oh! gummy bears in chocolate are great!

  8. Rebecca Graham said:

    I like to cover strawberries in chocolate.

  9. Vanessa said:

    Strawberries, Marshmallows, Ice cream, Bananas, Croissants!

  10. R. said:

    Squee! I’ve seen those covers before, and I definitely would like one.

    I quite enjoy dried berries and sultanas covered in chocolate – sometimes, I’ll just combine handfuls of both sultanas and chocolate pieces and eat them that way!


  11. annalene said:

    macadamia nuts for sure! cute iphone cover :)

  12. Marc said:

    Ice Cream, Bananas, and mixed with Caramel.

  13. Chelsea said:

    pretzels are yummy!

  14. Linda said:

    A very cool giveaway!

    If you ever run another iphone cover giveaway, please update this post – these giveaways are very rare :)