Haribo Fruity Pasta

March 24th, 2010 by Rosa

Haribo Fruity Pasta claims that it’s “extra sour” on the bag, but it’s not. It also claims that it’s “gummi candy”, but it’s not quite what I would consider to be gummi. And for good measure, they didn’t really look like pasta either.

There’s plenty of sour sugar in the bag, on the gummis, and in the gummis’ nooks and crannies, but it was more sweet than sour. As for the gummi part – the texture was neither soft nor squishy. Instead, it was like chewing on stiff plastic, and the little bits that resulted were sticky, dissolved slowly, and got stuck in the nooks and crannies of my teeth.

To me, the “gummis” didn’t look much like pasta. The plate on the bag already looked weird with its super short strands. The actual pieces looked even weirder, like tiny, truncated lasagna noodles.

Red was strawberry – a little floral and a little plasticky, like Twizzlers but fruitier. Yellow was pear, with a mild fruit flavor and a slightly pear-y bite.

Green was apple, but it didn’t taste like green granny smiths. Instead, it really nailed the flavor of a golden delicious apple, especially on the finish.

In summary, I found these to be neither sour nor gummi nor pasta, but they were fruity, and the weird texture was strangely compelling in an off-putting way. I wouldn’t buy them again, but I did slowly work my way through the whole bag over the course of a few months An O.

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4 responses about “Haribo Fruity Pasta”

  1. exquisite candy said:

    Well, I have them at home at the moment as well, but in Germany they come in a different bag and from your descriptions I think they are even made in a different way. The pasta I have here looks the same, but the texture is different and they aren’t sticky at all. Plus the German version is sour. Is this the US version? Is there any chance you can let me know about the ingredients?

  2. candy – See’s Candy Coupons – The Ultimate Sweet Treat said:

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  3. Bradley J. Corningstone III said:

    Strawberry is delicious, Apple is OK, and Pear tastes like dishwashing soap.

  4. . . . said:

    I know these from Germany, and I thijnk they were made different. The german ones are not sticky at all, and really sour. American replica of european candy is for the trash can most of the times anyway. . .