More Chocolate + Design

January 28th, 2010 by Rosa

From a long-over contest at Re-nest, the Chocolates Birdfeeder from Vanishing Creatures Chocolates. The box contains 15 pieces of organic dark and white chocolates that look like endangered animals.

When you’re done with the chocolates, the packing can be converted into a bird-feeder, and the bird seed is included! There’s a little animation on the Vanishing Creatures Chocolates website that I can’t directly link to. Click on shop, the rectangular box that’s the bottommost picture in the left sidebar, and “see how it works” in the resulting main photo.

As clever as that is, at $112 a box, I’d rather buy a box of chocolates and several bird feeders.

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  1. Finlay Richardson said:

    we use mixed nuts as bird seeds when we are feeding our pet birds-:;