Peeps – Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Cats

October 26th, 2009 by Rosa

Yet another treat from my NCA Halloween goodie bag: Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Cat Peeps! I write about Peeps a lot, but I’ve never actually formally reviewed them. I feel like they’re a candy that’s so ubiquitous that people already know all about them.

I decided to give these guys a review – if a short one. They not only look different from the standard chick/bunny peeps but also taste different as well.

Chocolate mousse is a good moniker for these. They look like it, taste of it, and even share a similar fluffiness.

They’re basically soft, fluffy, cocoa powder flavored marshmallows coated in fine granulated sugar. They have a sweet finish, but they’re Peeps; they’re supposed to be sweet!

Nothing extraordinary, but fun! Worth a try if you’re a Peeps or marshmallow fan, and definitely helpful for future Peeps dioramas. An O.

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3 responses about “Peeps – Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Cats”

  1. CandyProfessor said:

    My DD loves Peeps and loves kitties, so this looks like a winner!
    I wonder why they decided to call it “chocolate mousse,” vaguely frenchy and “classy restaurant”? Peeps seem so down to earth, I think I’ll just keep calling them “marshmallow.”

  2. Pam Walter said:

    I never knew they made cats! They are so cute and perfect for the season.

  3. (( Ms. K. )) said:

    Whenever I see the holiday version come out. I want to get it but I know I would only be eating 1 and so I didn’t buy it.

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