Reese’s Whipps

September 28th, 2009 by Rosa

This Reese’s Whipps bar had been sitting around my stash for a while. I bought it ages ago when it was new-ish and on sale at Walgreen’s, but I never dug in earlier because I wasn’t that excited about it.

The wrapper calls it “light and fluffy peanut butter flavored nougat.” It’s actually peanut butter flavored nougat, surrounded by a thin layer of peanut butter, all covered by a chocolate coating.

I didn’t find the nougat to be at all fluffy. I found it pretty dense and chewy, completely unlike the truly fluffy nougat of a 3 Musketeers bar.

The bar was a total sugar bomb. It tasted mostly of sweet, with some strong nuttiness coming from the peanut butter layer. The chocolate was totally overwhelmed by the sweetness of the whole thing.

I found the bar to be overwhelming overall. Too, too, too much. A .

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1 response about “Reese’s Whipps”

  1. CandyProfessor said:

    I must be a total candy slob, because this one kind of worked for me, at least relative to several recent mass-market new candy bar fiascos (S’mores bar, anyone?). Anyway, I’m always interested in a bar with a little air in it so I can eat it thinking “reduced calories, yeah!” OK, so that’s not the point of the candy bar, but still. But I guess on reflection you’re totally right, it is a sugar bomb, also a peanut butter bomb. As I said, I’m a slob.
    Thanks for your review, it’s good to know we all have different mouths!