Ritter Dark Chocolate with Marzipan

September 18th, 2009 by Rosa

Here’s yet another Ritter Sport bar to wrap up the week. I saved my favorite for last, the Dark Chocolate with Marzipan.

The bar promises that it’s “made with 100% finest marzipan”. With a claim so lofty, they’d better deliver!

I do love the neat 4X4 square of Ritter Sport bars. It looks tidy and symmetrical, which I find quite charming.

The bar smells strongly of cherries, which was surprising. I wish I’d gotten a look at the ingredients list before my friends devoured the bar and tossed the wrapper.

The marzipan filling was thick and pasty. It tasted lightly nutty, a mix of almond extract and cherry cordial notes.

The marzipan was in perfect proportion with the dark chocolate. The chocolate itself was snappy and smooth and balances just wonderfully with the taste and texture of the marzipan.

An OMG for a bar that I will definitely buy again. My original is long gone because I shared it with friends. I brought it to lunch, having broken off a row and saved it for myself for later. Had I known how delicious it would be, I don’t know if I would have been generous enough to share it.

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6 responses about “Ritter Dark Chocolate with Marzipan”

  1. Meredith said:

    my favorite too! i haven’t had many of them though… the cornflakes are now a close second.

  2. Leslie Anderson said:

    This chocolate bar is to die for. I love chocolate since the age of 7. You can take anything but not my chocolate. LOL! :-)

  3. Kai Collins said:

    Dark chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate. Chocolates have some natural antioxidants too.’~`

  4. Amber Phillips said:

    i love to eat dark chocolate because it is very tasty and it is full of antioxidants too***

  5. Rachel Price said:

    my favorite is always Dark Chocolate, i do not like Milk Chocolate coz it is too sweet for my taste,':

  6. Abner said:

    terrific blog. thanks for this excellent posting. i enjoy it lots.