UK Candy Poll results

September 17th, 2009 by Rosa

Here are the results of a rather unscientific poll conducted by the UK’s Marks and Spencer on people’s favorite candies. Fizzy cola tops the list, which contains a plethora of distinctly UK treats that are rare in the US. I’ve tried rhubarbs and custards (beautiful, but I don’t get the appeal), pear drops, chocolate limes, sherbet lemons, and more from the list. See my British Boiled Sweets Duo, parts I and II.

At least you can easily find fizzy cola in the states! And I’m intrigued by the new M&S confectionary range that seems to be due soon.

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1 response about “UK Candy Poll results”

  1. Leslie said:

    My favorite line is “The poll, commissioned by Marks & Spencer, also found that women preferred chocolate sweets to men.”

    It becomes clear later that what they mean is that women have a greater preference for chocolate sweets than men do, but boy, sometimes I DO prefer chocolate sweets to men…