Cranberry Raisinets

July 31st, 2009 by Rosa

Nestle‘s Cranberry Raisinets have been making the rounds in the candy review blogosphere lately (check out Candy Blog and Candy Addict). A PR rep sent me some free samples, three 100-calorie packs, to be precise, along with an offer that I think you, dear readers, will appreciate. But we’ll get into that in a bit.

Calling them Cranberry Raisinets seems almost nonsensical, but I can think of linked two reasons why they’re named what they are. Calling them Craisinets would probably lead to all kinds of naming rights battles with Ocean Spray (makers of Craisins), and calling them anything else would lose the brand recognition that Raisinets brings.

That’s why we get so many variations on a theme in the candy world (and the marketing world, really); it’s far more difficult and expensive to launch a new product than it is to tag it onto an existing brand.

Still, I’m not sure exactly how much cachet the Raisinets name brings. I see Raisinets as kind of innocuous candy. Instead of being a love/hate thing, they’re more of a love/would rather eat something else thing.

I remember being a kid and trying to pick around the chocolate-covered raisins in bridge mix and feeling vaguely duped each time I mistook one for a chocolate covered peanut. For me, standard Rasinets are something I don’t buy for myself but that I don’t refuse when offered to me. I also feel the same way about raisins, by the way.

Each 100 calorie pack holds a respectably substantial amount of candy (i.e. much more than is shown in the above photo), and each Cranberry Raisinet has a relatively substantial layer of milk chocolate. It’s super thick and tongue coatingly heavy, which is pleasant, though the chocolate itself is rather one note. I thought it had a lightly sweet berry finish, but that may have been the cranberry rubbing off.

As for the cranberry inside, they were sweetly sour, which makes sense, as they’re sweetened dried cranberries. I would’ve preferred an unsweetened cranberry, as I bet a tarter tang would stand out against the heavy chocolate more (I had the same issue with Emily’s dark chocolate covered cranberries), but that would probably have less mass market appeal.

All in all, I find these an improvement on the Raisinet, thanks to their barely perceptible hint of sour. I prefer Emily’s because they use dark chocolate, but Emily’s is harder to find.

I’m torn whether to give these an O or an OM. While I wouldn’t buy them for candy savoring, I think these would really hit the spot at the movies as a decent, not too bad for you, munchable treat. But I never buy candy at the movies (too overpriced), so an O it is. But a good one!

And now, dear readers, the fun reward part for making it through the review. Nestle’s PR peeps have offered to run a giveaway through ZOMG, Candy! Five randomly selected winners will receive their own Cranberry Raisinet samples. To enter, leave a comment with a working email address and your thoughts on Raisinets or movie theater candy by noon EST on Wednesday, August 5th. U.S. readers only, please, as international shipping is pricey!

Good luck!

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13 responses about “Cranberry Raisinets”

  1. Knile said:

    Raisinets are not a movie snack for me. They’re a travel snack, best enjoyed quickly in a car in the summer time. (Luckily, they last longer in the winter.) Combining them with peanuts, etc., for gorp is also more than acceptable.

  2. Michael C said:

    I absolutely love the original Raisinets. They are the ultimate movie snack.

  3. Justin said:

    i’ve been looking all over for these, but have yet to find them!

  4. Meredith said:

    mmm. i’ve been curious about the dark raisinets, too– the eventual combination of the dark with the cranberry will be extra awesome.

  5. amy said:

    raisinets are a fun snack. good proportion of raisin to chocolate. some people like to mix them with goobers.

  6. Stephen said:

    I’m interested to try the cranberry raisinets. I’m sure they’ll end up changing the name to Craisinets.

  7. kim said:

    i always thought concept of raisinets were yummy, but i’m not a fan of raisins. however, i LOVE craisinets, so i think this just might be what i’ve been looking for.

  8. Cody! said:

    I like Raisinets, but I tend to pick other candies over them when given the choice. But they’re still tasty!

  9. Aaron said:

    Raisinets have always been kind of a secret pleasure for me. I tend towards the decadent, but I must have some kind of childhood association with chocolate raisins, cuz they never fail to satisfy. Though, like most everyone, it seems, I don’t seek them out very frequently.

  10. jessie74 said:

    Printed out a $1.00 off coupon for the 5.5oz bag yesterday. Picked some up at Wal-Mart…….and I love ’em!

  11. Erin said:

    Raisinets are good, but at the movies give me some Mike & Ikes or Sour Patch Kids any day along with my big bag of popcorn!

  12. peach said:

    i used to love raisinets, but i haven’t had them for years and years. like the reader above, my favorite movie candy of all time is probably sour patch kids. i love tart flavors & the flavor of dried cranberries!

  13. Megan said:

    I love Raisinets! They are my candy fix when I am craving chocolate!! Yummy!