Cadbury Starbar

May 20th, 2009 by Rosa

This Cadbury Starbar’s been floating around in my tasting notebook since I had it last summer while I was in England. It was on my list of candy bars to try while there, thanks to a favorable Chocablog review.

The Starbar is “shot through with peanuts and caramel,” which made me think that it would be a Snickers-like bar. Well, not exactly.

The milk chocolate coating (14% of the bar) was greasy. Immediately under the chocolate was a circular layer of gooey, sweet, and sticky caramel. A few salty peanuts studded the nougat, but they were few and far between, not exactly “shot through” with peanuts.

I think there were also little wafer bits inside the sweet nougat center that weren’t advertised on the wrapper. I don’t know why not, as it’s a nice feature. It provides an enjoyable textural contrast that gives this bar an extra edge.

I was disappointed by the lack of peanuts but pleasantly surprised by the wafer bits. Not sublime, but pretty good for a mass-produced bar. An OM.

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3 responses about “Cadbury Starbar”

  1. Pam Walter said:

    I don’t think this will replace Snickers or (my very favorite) Baby Ruth.

  2. bodrum said:

    looks very good 🙂

  3. Pete said:

    If you’re into Star Bars then there is now a dedicated site to this brilliant bar of chocolate. You’ll find a potted history in the making, wrapper images including the very rare image of the original wrapper. There are also a couple of videos too!