Chow’s 10 Japanese Sweets

May 14th, 2009 by Rosa

Chow’s regular feature, The Ten, recently profiled 10 Japanese sweets. I’ve had all but numbers 2 and 10, thanks to my Chinese family’s frequenting of Asian grocery stores.

Personally, I think there are Hi-Chew flavors out there that are better than the grape (like pineapple!), but they are right in that the grape Hi-Chew is far superior to other grape candies. And I had no idea Flower’s Kiss Candy, which I previously reviewed, was supposed to freshen your breath!

For those of you who don’t have easy access to Asian grocery stores, J-Box has a wonderful assortment of Asian goodies. When you buy through the link on my website, I get a tiny percentage of your sale, at no cost to you.

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1 response about “Chow’s 10 Japanese Sweets”

  1. amy said:

    i love love love hi-chew. but what’s funny is that grape happens to be my favorite. the flavor is so vivid. lemon is also superb. the flavor is so bright and real. i don’t care for strawberry (too sweet) and green grape is a bit too musty for my taste. The pineapple is pretty good, but it can be hard to find.