Dove Promises – Dark Chocolate, Almond Dark Chocolate, Tiramisu, and Blackberry Caramel

February 6th, 2009 by Rosa

About a month ago, I gave two types of Dove chocolates, their Dark Chocolate Promises and their Dark Chocolate Mint Flavored Caramel Promises, a bad review. They were mailed to me as a contest prize, and they showed up bloomed and sub-par. Well, Dove saw my review and asked if I would give them a second chance if they mailed me more chocolates. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me, and as before, I was happy to give the offending chocolate another try. Dove sent me a generous box of samples that included several of their Promises line, and it all arrived in pristine, unbloomed condition.

First up, another shot at their Dark Chocolate Promises. This time, I got a much larger bag that arrived in fine shape. The individually foil-wrapped bite-sized chocolates had a lovely melt that was thick and creamy. It had a dusky finish with slightly dry overtones, making it solid, affordable, and portion-controlled snacking chocolate. An OM.

Dove also sent along a big bag of their Almond Dark Chocolate Promises that were packaged for Valentine’s Day. The Promises were heart shaped and wrapped in gold and pink heart-printed foil, and the messages inside these were more romantically themed than their usual inspirational fare. The pieces of almond inside were tiny, which I appreciated, as it meant they were too small to get stuck in between your teeth. The Dove dark chocolate was the same as in the Dark Chocolate Promise, and it paired nicely with the nutty, roasted almond flavor, earning them an OM.

Dove also sent along their Tiramisu Promises (at my request) and their Blackberry Caramel Promises (a nice surprise, not at my request). As you can see from above, both are square dark chocolates with a gooey caramel inside. The caramel of the Tiramisu had a strong coffee liqueur flavor that was quite tasty, if a tad on the sweet side. An OM.

The caramel of the Blackberry Caramel (possibly packaged for Valentine’s Day? It seems strange that it would always be patterned with hearts) had an overarching bright sweetness to it that tasted a bit seedy and a bit artificial. This wasn’t for me and only gets an O.

Dove’s Promises can’t compete with the high end truffle makers that charge upwards of $50 a pound, but they definitely hold their own against the usual riff-raff that clogs the seasonal aisle of the supermarket around Valentine’s Day. They’re a solid buy and quite worth their pricetag (especially when they’re free).

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2 responses about “Dove Promises – Dark Chocolate, Almond Dark Chocolate, Tiramisu, and Blackberry Caramel”

  1. Carrie Geyer said:

    Hi, I am not surprised that Dove sent you those samples to taste again. The “corporate mission” at Dove is definitely oriented towards the marketplace and making sure that the company does right by their customers.

    Their direct sales division, Dove Chocolate Discoveries is what I am most familiar with. I have to say that anytime there is a “problem” at the company, Dove will over compensate to correct the mistake.

    For instance, at Christmas they ran out of their Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods which were paired with Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers as a gift pack. The company sent an extra box of Graham Crackers, a letter of apology and the promise to ship a box of Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods to
    each customer…last week I received my 3 boxes of Dove Pretzels.

    A long time ago, most American companies did business this way…these days it is indeed rare and totally unexpected. It’s nice to know that at Dove and Dove Chocolate Discoveries the customer is still King!

    Carrie Geyer

  2. Arys said:

    Personally, I’m no chocolate connosieur but I bought the Blackberry Caramel Promises and am completely addicted.