Non-Candy Related Help?

January 29th, 2009 by Rosa

Dear Readers,

I know y’all come from all over the country/world. Maybe y’all can help me out with a quandry?

I had been using Cheez-It Stix in my senior thesis research. They are of crucial size, shape, and composition for my research apparatus, and I really, really, really need them. Unfortunately, they are now nowhere to be found anywhere near New Haven, Boston, or New York City. I’ve called Kellogg (they assure me they’re still being made), I’ve looked online, and I’ve asked my local grocery stores to try to order them, all to no avail.

Do you have Cheez-It Stix in your area? And if so, would you be willing to buy several boxes and mail them to me, in exchange for full repayment, and then some, and candy, and my undying gratitude, and a thank you in my senior thesis, the thesis I need to write in order to graduate from college?

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you can help me out. And have a nice day!

Update: As I told my senior essay advisor, it looks like I’ll manage to get buy with the kindness of strangers. Thanks to everyone who offered help and to Chelsea for being the first to come through for me!

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2 responses about “Non-Candy Related Help?”

  1. (( K@Y )) said:

    It should be available at the local supermarket.
    I brought a box months ago at nyc supermarket.

  2. Danielle said:

    I live in Virginia, and if I see them I’ll let you know and pick you up some boxes. :)