Is chocolate recession-proof?

January 15th, 2009 by Rosa

Via Candy Dish Blog, an article from the Wall Street Journal indicates that premium chocolate seems to be doing okay in today’s rocky economy. Hopefully this isn’t one of those bogus trend reports that Slate loves to debunk (and that I love reading).

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3 responses about “Is chocolate recession-proof?”

  1. Carrie Geyer said:

    So far, my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business is still growing in spite of the recession. I think that Chocolate is one of those “feel good” treats that everyone needs, especially when times are tougher. Chocolate is an “affordable” splurge that most people have to have! I know I do…hmmm, I’m thinking about a Dove Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker as I write this. Visit my Dove site for info about a recession proof Dove business

  2. cal orey said:

    You betcha chocolate, quality dark, of course, is a good for you choice during lean times. And, don’t forgot extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, fresh fruit/veggies, whole grains. Read: the Mediterranean diet-lifestyle including dark chocolate will keep you heart healthy, lean, and happy! Count on it.

  3. cal orey said:

    P.S. I want to add a caveat. Don’t go for generic chocolate during a recession. Turn to the prestige and gourmet brands (order online if you don’t live in SF/Chicago/NY/Europe). Dark chocolate, natural without preservatives has the most disease-fighting antioxidants (think of extra virgin olive oil and all-natural apple cider vinegar/red wine vinegar).

    Plus, you will savor it…and if you play by small portions like the French do–you won’t get fat and you will fight heart disease. I guarantee it. (Just finished writing a forthcoming book on chocolate…during my “research” of enjoying quality chocolate, I didn’t gain weight; no cavities; low bp; and am hooked on the good stuff–hard time$ or not. I’m worth it and so are you.)