A new state sweet for Washington state?

January 8th, 2009 by Rosa

My friend Rita, who gave me my box of Aplets and Cotlets, shared this article with me about how a Washington state representative wants to make them the state sweet.

I think making a brand name product an official state anything crosses a line, but I must admit that Liberty Orchards makes tasty confections. Their fruit chocolates were also good. And people from the area do seem to be pretty passionate about their Aplets and Cotlets.

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2 responses about “A new state sweet for Washington state?”

  1. Orchid64 said:

    I love Aplets and Cotlets, though I haven’t had access to them for years. While I can understand your reservation about making a brand name product a state sweet, I wonder if similar confections made by companies other than Liberty Orchards could be called “Aplets and Cotlets” and be marketed as well. Certainly it’d benefit Liberty Orchards to be flexible about allowing the product’s general name to be used by other companies if it’d open the door for it to become a state sweet as they’d almost certainly find their sales increasing.

  2. Carrie Geyer said:

    I love Aplets and Cotlets! And they are even better dipped in Dark Dove Chocolate!!Visit my blog for the latest Dove Chocolate News. By the way, I like your writing style!