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Happy 2009!

January 1st, 2009 by Rosa

May your 2009 be full of happiness, prosperity, and delicious candy with no consequential weight gain or tooth decay.

2009 will be scary/fun for me, as it’s the year I graduate from college and the year I’m supposed to make something of myself. Anyone wanna give me a job? (Only half-kidding; have you seen the state of our economy? Terrifying for recent grads. And not-so-recent grads, too, I suppose)

On the plus side, I’ve renewed my webhosting for another year, so ZOMG, Candy! will be around for another year (now’s a good time to beseech y’all to do your Amazon shopping through me, as it helps offset my costs). Yay! I really do enjoy the writing and the eating and the feedback from y’all; it helps keep me sane, so thank you for reading.

Happy 2009!

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