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Chewits Fruities

December 19th, 2008 by Rosa

I have my last final exam of the semester today. A week ago, my friend Rita, already done with all her finals and term papers, packed up and went to England and Scotland. I’m quite jealous of her, both for being done so early and for getting to go to the UK, which I love. And not just because it has candies we don’t get in the U.S., like Chewits Fruities.

If you can’t make out the blurry writing, Chewits Fruities are “assorted fruit flavour jelly bean sweets”. Is calling something a jelly bean sweet redundant? Not in this case, as the Chewits Fruities aren’t exactly jelly beans. Instead, their candy shell is quite hard and cracks upon biting, much like the shell of a Skittle. The inside is sort of like that of a jelly bean, but it’s much springier. Basically, there’s a much bigger textural contrast between the inner and outer layers of the Chewits Fruities than there is in regular jelly beans.

They came in six flavors. Orange was orange, I think, but it did seem to have light peach notes. Light orange had more tang, so I’d call it tangerine. Yellow was flavorless, green tasted faintly of lime, pink was strawberry, I think, and red was a bright cherry.

Overall, texturally fun, but flavor-ly blah. I give them an O, though they may be worth picking up just to try their mix of textures. After all, even with the exchange rate, they’re a cheap check-out line impulse buy.

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