Snarky Chocolate Reviews from the NY Times

December 9th, 2008 by Rosa

After the Times Dining article on cacao growers and Kallari, article author Jill Santopietro wrote a follow-up taste test of various other organic and fair trade chocolates. She was pretty disaparing and snarky. While I’ve reviewed most of the brands she’s tried (Endangered Species, Chocolove, Green and Black’s, Theo, and Dagoba) , the only bar she reviewed that I ever tasted was the Dagoba Conacado 73%, which I didn’t find especially remarkable.

One wonders what the results would have been had she done her taste test blind…

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1 response about “Snarky Chocolate Reviews from the NY Times”

  1. Denise said:

    Wow, Rosa – thanks for sharing – it really is snarky!! And not too helpful for all that venom. Yeow!!