Starbucks Chai Truffle

November 14th, 2008 by Rosa

Starbucks came out with its own line of chocolates (made by Hershey’s) to be sold in grocery stores a year or so ago. They’d actually been selling chocolates in their coffee shops for years – my first chocolate covered espresso bean was from Starbucks – so the chocolate line is less of a departure than you’d think. My mother somehow ended up with a coupon for either 2 free truffles or $1 off a bag of truffles. I stole her coupon and decided to try the chai truffles because I loved Theo’s 3400 Phinney Chai Tea Milk Chocolate bar.

The two truffles come in a neat little box. Sorry for the blurriness. The description reads, “creamy milk chocolate invitations to linger with sweetly spiced Tazo Chai black tea.”  Sounds lovely! And the truffles themselves are cute little cup shaped deals, in fine imitation of more high-end truffles that do the same thing. But how is the execution?

Meh. The chocolate and its filling was thick and creamy, but scentwise and flavorwise, it was all clove and nothing else. I know clove is an important component to chai spice, but it would have been nice to taste other things, like tea and cinnamon and chocolate. Theo did it better, with more nuance and less whomping you over the head with SPICE! Just an O.

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1 response about “Starbucks Chai Truffle”

  1. jehan said:

    Just had one of these, couldn’t agree with you more. It’s like, there’s more to chai than just cardamom!

    perhaps I will try to imitate/improve on these sometime